Stage One >

Looking for advice.

Starting Out

Even if you have very few assets, it is important to understand a financial adviser can help you create good saving and spending habits. MAP Wealth we can help you get on your feet and provide advice to help you meet your financial goals. More Info >

Stage Two >

Responsibility kicks in.

Starting a Family

At MAP Wealth we can help review your family budget, identify saving opportunities, commence children’s education saving plans, consider appropriate insurances, update your will and advise on Government benefit entitlements. More Info >


Stage Three >

You start earning the big bucks.

Pay Down Debt / Build Wealth

Map Wealth can assist in investing inside or outside superannuation, borrowing to invest, repaying your debts sooner, owning your assets directly,(e.g. shares and property) or owning assets through managed funds and minimising taxes to help build wealth. More Info >

Stage Four >

The future looks good.


The sooner you start to plan for retirement, the better the outcome. Some of the things that you will need to consider include optimising your superannuation position, taking advantage of transition to retirement tax benefits and reducing hours worked in the lead up to retirement. More Info >

Stage Five >

Your future is all taken care of.

Enjoy Life

At MAP Wealth we will help you at the point of retirement and beyond to determine how your cashflow needs and any one off expenses will be met, how long your retirement savings will last, access to your super and establishing super pensions and more. More Info >